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Project: Frequency Policy and Spectrum Engineering in V4 countries

The current technology progress has a big influence on society behaviour and experiences, new technology are rapidly growing. Such situation requires adaption of new technology both on transmission and reception sites and new frequency policy paradigm shifts. The aim of the workshop is presenting, discussing and proposing solutions for future broadcasting and mobile networks, audio and video content delivering as well as highlight potential of future spectrum policy and engineering potential. In this context the motto is „Perspectives of Terrestrial Broadcasting and Mobile Networks”. The workshop is organized within project Frequency Policy and Spectrum Engineering in V4 countries.

List of partners


National Institute of Telecommunications (Coordinator)

Country: Poland
Type: Government executive agency
Local coordinator: Dariusz Więcek ( d.wiecek@il.wroc.pl; +48 713 699 850)
Web page: http://www.itl.waw.pl

Výskumný ústav spojov, n. o.
The Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications ( Partner)
Country: Slovakia
Type: non-profit organisation
Local coordinator: Juraj Oravec ( oravec.svk@gmail.com; +421 903 530  490)
Web page: http://www.vus.sk


Český metrologický institut
Czech Metrology Institute (Partner)
Country: Czech Republic
Type: Government executive agency
Local coordinator: Čeněk Pavelka ( cpavelka@cmi.cz; +420 271 192 153)
Web page: http://www.cmi.cz

Hirközlési és Informatikai Tudományos Egyesület

Scientific Association for Infocommunications (Partner)
Country: Hungary
Type: Non-profit organisation
Local coordinator: Péter Nagy ( info@hte.hu; +36 135 310 27)
Web page: http://www.hte.hu/web/en